Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Earn money online 100% Tested

Earn money online 100% Tested

Things you need :

1. internet connection
2. paypal account (free)
3. e-mail accont (free)

Lets get started :

First create a blogger blog with legal content(must not contains adult, warez content


Then create an free account in www.zpag.es
zpag.es is an intersitial ads network they allow you to shorten urls and you need to
populate this(your shorten links)link.

you will receive money respectively as follows :

zPag.es rates for each 1,000 views of shortened URLs
Country* / Ad Type            Full page Interstitials            Banner Ads
A                                          $3.0                                      $1.5
B                                          $2.5                                      $1.0
C                                          $1.5                                      $0.5
D                                         $0.8                                       $0.2

*Country Groups:

* A:United States, United Kingdom, Canada
* B:France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland,
Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Finland, Australia, New Zealand
* C:Russia, Austria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg,
Slovenia, Slovakia, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab
Emirates, Brazil
* D:All Others


if you have potential to traffic from the highly paying A,B,C countries no problem you continue..
otherwise simply follow my trick to earn quikly and genuinely..

step 1:
register at easyhits4u
if you don't have already register it here.
step 2:
then add your shorten link there at "My Sites".

choose Geo targetting = North America & united states of America for (3$=1000 views)
choose Geo targetting = Europe & united kingdom for (2.5$=1000 views)
step 3:
and then start surfing at easyhits4u to generate traffic exchange to your shorten url..
step 4:
-that's it you can really generate cash to your paypal account very easily..
-Another advantage is that you are making money at easyhits4u also don't know?? yeh they

pay you 0.30$ for 1000 pages you view!!

Then still why waiting start earn money...ALL THE BEST

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