Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Best Bluetooth Hacking Software UIQv3 SymbianOS9.1

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The 4 best bluetooth hacking software

1. "ftp_bt_105": 
The ultimata bluetooth hacking software. Take control over another phone.
You can for ex.
Copy sms, contacts.
Turn the victims phone of.
Set a note on the display, the victim canĂ¢”¤t take it away.
Control the joystick, numbers and much more.
Start programs, inbox, sent sms, camera and much, much more.
Start/stop mediaplayer, ringtones.
You can do so much that i dont remember all of it.
TRY IT!!!!!!!

"2. Blooover2": 
Ses the victims files and send small message.

"3. BluetoothMessenger": 
Send small messages to the victim and the victim will not know that it is you.

"4. STMBlueS": 
The best software to watch the files the victim have on the phone and then send them to ypur own phone.

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