Sunday, 29 May 2011

Airtel/Tata Docomo/Aircel Free gprs on Pc on 2G-3G Network

Tools which we are going to need

1.Tsunami VPN Client - Click here to Download Tsunami VPN Client

High Speed

Free With Airtel, Aircel And DOcomo

Airtel users use :

Tata Docomo users use : tata.docomo.internet

Aircel users use : aircelgprs

Procedure :

1.Register an Account on Tsunami VPN :

Click here for Tsunami VPN Registration

2.Now Install the downloaded Tsunami VPN Client

3.Now On Your desktop you will find three icons related to tsunami VPN

4.First run Enter Username_Password.exe and enter your Tsunami VPN username and password

5.Now either Run Tsunami VPN Vista_7 or Tsunami VPN_Windows xp found on your desktop
according to your OS.

6.Now Connect to any UDP 53 Port Server....(Free Trial = No Access to LAX1, LAX2, and LAX3 Servers)

7.Trick Can Be USed ON 3G and 2G Network....

Note :

Airtel users use the trick on below 30p balance only....

Tata Docomo users use the trick on Rs 1 balance only...

Aircel users use the trick on 10p balance only......

Don't try to connect on high balance....

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