Wednesday, 1 June 2011

SEnuke X SEO - The most powerful Automated software Ever

Why Use SENuke?

* Save Hours Of Time With Each Submission – SENuke will automatically create email addresses, register accounts, verify accounts, and post your links with a minimal amount of interaction from you.
* Build High-Powered Links – SENuke supports some of the biggest Web 2.0, article directories and social bookmarking sites on the web like Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Hubpages, EzineArticles, and many more which will help you achieve unbelievable rankings, fast!
* Extremely Cost Effective – On the surface, $127 a month might sounds expensive but with SENuke, it’s no sweat to build AT LEAST 50 links a day easily. That’s just $0.08 a link – which is almost unheard of.
* Un-paralleled Support – SENuke is updated (sometimes daily!) so you will never worry about posting to non-functioning sites and bugs are always stomped out quickly.

Get your website / blog listed in GOOGLE, YAHOO within 2 Days!!
Increase your Rankings, profits and production Automatically!!!

Automatically Registers at Article directories, Rss sites,Social network sites, Social bookmarking sites in a Single Click : 

Fully Compatible With Google's Latest Changes in 2011

As you can probably tell by the success stories above, SEnuke X is fully compatible with Google's latest changes! We are getting success reports on a weekly basis saying their rankings haven't been hurt one bit by the latest Google changes. A lot of them even say their rankings have improved!

Due to the huge number of sites available in SEnuke X, our customers are immune from any Google slaps. Those in trouble are the ones who rely on one type of link to boost their sites, or post junk content on their site.

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